EPS Thermocol Hand Molding

EPACK is one of the leading Thermocol Hand Molding Manufacturers in India.

When it comes to the thermocol molding, EPACK India is the leading manufacturer for the same. We create thermocol hand molding items as per the customer requirements by using the scooping technique. We create different types of molds made by scooping for packaging and artistic purposes. Hence, we have achieved the fineness and high quality control to assure desired product quality. We provide Thermocol Hand Molding boxes as per your requirements at the best price in India.

Thermocol molding finds its applications into number of industrial and packaging processes. We create customized thermocol molding to suit up your business requirements.

EPS Thermocol (Expanded polystyrene) is a light weight item, due to its versatility, it is widely used for packaging and protecting fragile products from getting breakage. It has the superior quality of shock absorbing and high compressive strength. One of the major advantages is that it can be easily customized to suit the demands of the client requirements of EPS thermocol hand molding boxes.

EPACK have backed ourselves with sound amenities, talented personnel, and the latest equipment and technologies. This makes us one of the leading thermocol hand molding manufacturer in India. As an EPS thermocol hand molding supplier, we understand your needs and as a result, deliver you the finest in quality.